Double sinks come with a lot of advantages. First, it provides more space in your kitchen, allowing you to carry out different activities simultaneously. Also, it improves the aesthetics of your kitchen. Double sinks can be installed by the landlord before renting out the house. Or it can be installed by the tenant or new house owner. All that matters is that the double sink is installed using the right materials and equipment to prevent future problems. 

It’s a modern trend to replace the existing sink with a double sink; so most homeowners prefer to install double sinks when remodeling their homes. However, there’s not much difference between the installation of a single sink and a double sink. So, how is a double sink installed? Continue reading to learn more:

How To Install Double Kitchen Sink Plumbing

How to install a double kitchen sink

Below is a detailed breakdown of how to install a double kitchen sink:

Step 1.

Write down the names of the materials and equipment you need so you can get them at the store. After each component of the “J” also called the exhaust pipe has been joined to the drains below the sink, it’s then connected to the “T” portion. The “T” portion is located between the two drain baskets (drain holes). To let dirty water go into the drain, the sink siphon is a U-shaped piece that is linked to the “T” portion as well as the wall drain pipe ( the drain pipe is a straight pipe that protrudes out of the back of your closet wall).

Step 2.

The next step is to tighten the circular slide nuts that are connected to each piece on the threads and connect the plastic parts. But before that, first dry assemble your installation. First, attach the straight segment of the PVC pipe to the wall drain pipe and connect the sink trap to the “T” connection. The trap and knuckle should be situated front to back and side to side below the two drain holes, directly beneath the sink. 

Step 3.

Cut the excess pipe using a hacksaw. Then connect the threads of each piece with a nut. Then check if there are any excess sections of the exhaust pipe that you need to remove after dry installing the drain pipe, sink siphon, and knuckle. Use the hacksaw to cut the tails to fit the long ends then dry them to fit the sink basket and “T” joint.

How To Install Double Kitchen Sink Plumbing 2

Step 4.

The next step is to keep the installation together by tightening all the skid nuts. You can use a pair of Channellock pliers to tighten the nuts in place. Tighten them gently so that the pipe doesn’t shatter. Ensure the snug fit by applying the right pressure. Then test the pipes by running water through them to check for leaks. 


Installing a double kitchen sink isn’t difficult if it’s handled by a professional plumber. If you want a clean and quality job done for you, you need to hire professional 24/7 plumbers who can also deal with plumbing emergencies. At Rite Plumbing, our plumbers are experienced and can help install your double kitchen sink. We also provide professional emergency plumbing services, so you can reach out to us whenever you need our services!