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Our History

Tony and Tim were two brothers who had immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. They were determined to build a successful business and make a name for themselves in the plumbing industry. With their combined experience and expertise, they founded their own plumbing company, which they called “Rite Plumbing and Heating.”

Their values were clear from the start: trust, quality, and innovative growth. Tony, the older of the two, had a background in computer technology and was detail-oriented. He used his knowledge to implement innovative technologies and improve the efficiency of their services. He also attended the General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen school in Manhattan at night to expand his knowledge and keep up with the latest trends while working plumbing during the day.

Meanwhile, Tim, the younger brother, had been working in the plumbing industry for over 18 years and had managed over 100 plumbers in his previous work. He had a calm and easy-going personality, which made him great to work with, and he was committed to providing high-quality service to their clients.

Together, the brothers quickly established themselves as one of the top plumbing companies in their area. They were known for their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their clients could always count on Rite Plumbing and Heating to provide fast and reliable service, no matter the time of day or night.

As the company continued to grow, Tony and Tim remained true to their values. They were always looking for ways to improve their services and provide innovative solutions to their client’s plumbing needs. They invested in the latest equipment and technology, and they trained their team to provide the highest quality service possible.

Their commitment to their values paid off, and Rite Plumbing and Heating continued to thrive. They expanded their services to include not just residential plumbing, but also commercial and apartment renovation plumbing. They even started to offer eco-friendly plumbing solutions to help their clients save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Today, Rite Plumbing and Heating is a licensed well-known, and respected company in their area. Tony and Tim are proud of what they have achieved, and they continue to work hard to ensure that their company remains a trusted name in the plumbing industry. They know that their success is based on their commitment to trust, quality, and innovative growth, and they will never compromise on those values.