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Privacy & Cookie Policy

We are proud to offer a privacy policy here at Rite Plumbing & Heating which we use to protect any information we collect from you to complete the job. We here at Rite Plumbing & Heating are here to offer the protection that our customers deserve and need from use. Any and all information you provide for us through our website or otherwise will be kept confidential and we do not sell our client’s list. From time to time, this policy may change to meet the changing world. Be sure to check with this policy should you have any questions.




We will most likely collect common information like name, address, and phone number. Other things like e-mail and information regarding your situation may also be included. And, simple questions and surveys and/or offers can collect information we use to help us better assist you.




We use this information to help you with your current situation. This can help us better understand what it is your needing from our services. Things such as:

  • Keeping records internally.
  • Use to analysis our products and services for improvements.
  • We might send out an occasional offer that we think you might be interested in.
  • Marketing Research, determining who our market is important to us.  We want to better suit and tailor our services around the needs of the people we offer.  We may make our connection using a phone, fax or e-mail.




We here at Rite Plumbing & Heating are dedicated to keeping your records safe and secure. We have in place a suitable physical, managerial and electronic procedures to ensure that nothing gets leaked. And, we safeguard all information that we collect online.

We do use Cookies and here’s how:

A cookie is stored on a person’s computer when they visit the site.  This makes the site load and runs faster with your system  It is a small file that is commonly found on most websites.  Cookies can help remember you and respond to you for what setting and such your prefer.  Overall, this helps us provide you with a better user experience while on our site.  Allows the forms to know when you have already filled them out and you’re just looking around for more information and such. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, however, you can turn this offer within your browser if you’d like.




Occasionally we link out to other websites, promotions and offers that we think would be of interest to our clients. These sites, offers and promotions take you from our site and we are not responsible for anything that happens on other people’s property. Please keep this in mind when browsing.




Unless we are required by law to do so, we do not give out any of your personal information unless approved by you to do so. This means to any third party providers as well. And, for any reason you’d like to know what personal information we hold about you, you can write us per the Digital Protection Act 1998 and we will be happy to provide this to you for a small fee. If you believe that any information we have about you is not correct or need revision, we are happy to assist as much as we can.