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Professional Drain Clogged Services NYC

We can unclog your tub, kitchen, toilet or main line drains

We are a insured and licensed plumbing/heating company offering Unclog Drain Services in the New York City and surrounding areas. Call Rite Plumbing & Heating in NYC at 347-502-6441 24 hours a day for prompt emergency service assistance.

Or schedule a plumber through our online calendar for free estimate.

Check our reviews; you will not be disappointed.

Emergency Licensed Plumbers Nyc | Rite Plumbing & Heating

Today, Rite Plumbing & Heating unclogs and cleans more drains than anyone we know. The Rite Plumbing & Heating name is backed by quality services and decades of experience. We unclog drains and make recommendations to keep your drain and sewer lines flowing.

During our visit, we recommend:

  • Maintenance Product Advice
  • Tips for Free-Flowing Drains
  • Drain and Sewer Line Solutions
  • Quick Resolutions

We are licensed plumbers in and around NYC who are committed to professional drain cleaning and unclogging and service in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, New York. We provide a COI (certificate of insurance) and handle big or small residences and businesses, including Co-Op and Condominiums.

We handle emergencies 24/7. Call us right away for an expert drain plumber in NYC – including Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We are prompt and efficient when servicing and cleaning clogged drains.

24/7 Clogged Drain Specialists | We Know What To Fix & How To Fix It

Cleaning and unclogging drains is our area of expertise. We offer quick service and evaluations on:

Tub Clogs

Showers and tubs get clogged with hair, soap buildup on occasion, not to mention other grime. Rite Plumbing & Heating has the equipment to fix these challenges.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

Over time, kitchen drain clogs cause sluggish draining. Grease, soaps, and detergents cause build up. Over time the drains become blocked with debris. Rite Plumbing & Heating has the equipment that will move the debris.

Toilet Clog

Our bathroom drain cleaning techniques can help with toilet drains that get clogged with toilet paper and other debris. Rite Plumbing & Heating can fix these clogs with proper tools that will expand the life of your toilet.

Main Line Drain Cleaner

Rite Plumbing & Heating does more than clean or unclog drains. In fact, we offer repair and cleaning for damaged sewer lines. Main line drains get contaminated and result in flooding. Our team offers qualified repairs for sewer main lines that are damaged. We are fully licensed and insured.

Rest assured, we can fix your problems quickly and efficiently.

We Will Arrive In Less Than 30-minutes.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in QUEENS, BROOKLYN, AND MANHATTAN. Schedule an emergency commercial plumber through our online calendar.