Gas leaks occur when a damaged pipe or older gas appliance causes a gas leak. Wherever there’s a gas appliance, there’s always a chance of a gas leak. Gas leaks can be dangerous especially when it’s not quickly resolved. 

Most people put themselves in harm’s way when they try to install their gas appliances by themselves. To reduce the risk, you should entrust the installation of your gas appliances to a professional gas plumber. Trying to install your gas appliances by yourself can be dangerous not only to you but to other households in the community. 

What Happens If There'S A Gas Leak In My House

So what happens when there’s a gas leak in the house? Continue reading to learn more:

Dangers Of A Gas Leak In The House

The consequences of a gas leak can range from a little discomfort to major injuries or even death. Gas leaks are not to be taken lightly but should be resolved as fast as possible. Below are some of the dangers of gas leaks in the house:

  • It can lead to fires and explosions 

One of the features of natural gas is that they’re odorless; this means they can mix in the air easily. However, natural gas is inflammable when they come in contact with fire or when there’s a spark. This can lead to explosions which may lead to injuries or even death. You don’t want to risk an explosion in your house which is why you should let a professional install your gas appliances.

  • They can be dangerous to your health.

When there’s a gas leak, the gas mixes with the air thereby polluting it. In areas such as homes and offices where there’s limited chance for cross ventilation, the gas can accumulate in the atmosphere. Natural gas in the atmosphere reduces the amount of oxygen in the air which makes it hard for the occupants of the house/office to breathe.

Also, inhaling too much natural gas can cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. It could also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

  • It can destroy plants and vegetation.

When plants and vegetation are exposed to natural gas, it can result in chlorosis (a condition that causes plants to lose their color). Along the line, it can cause the death of the plant. Plants dry off when they’re not exposed to oxygen which is exactly what happens when there’s natural gas in the atmosphere. 

  • It can affect animals.

Animals are not immune to carbon monoxide poisoning. They’re even more susceptible to it than humans because of their size. Gas leaks cause your animals or pets to suddenly feel weak and fatigued. Your pet may also start experiencing symptoms like suffocation, vomiting, and seizures. These are some of the negative effects of natural gas on animals.

What Happens If There'S A Gas Leak In My House 2


To avoid the issue of gas leaks in your home, you should ensure that the installation of all gas appliances in your home is handled by a professional. A professional plumber has the skill, knowledge, and experience to successfully install your gas appliances without any risk of leaks. 

If you ever experience gas leak problems, you should contact a gas leak plumber immediately. Since gas leaks require emergency attention, you should hire emergency 24/7 plumbers; they can arrive at your house and fix the problem immediately. 

Trying to resolve a gas leak problem on your own can lead to serious consequences such as fires, explosions, or poisoning. At Rite Plumbing, we’re your best option if you need plumbers 24/7.

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