Residential plumbing is not the same as commercial plumbing because even if they have some similarities, they perform different functions. It involves all plumbing work done in the home such as sewer lines, drains, heaters, and other plumbing fixtures. Residential plumbing involves disposing of bad water from the house and preventing foul odor in the house by giving them a way of escape. 

Residential plumbers are experts at installing plumbing systems in houses; they usually don’t deal with large housing complexes or businesses unless they specialize in both areas. 

What Is Residential Plumbing

Plumbing problems can arise in a residential plumbing system. Problems like leaking drains, dripping taps, clogged pipes, etc can come up due to wear and tear or expiration of the lifespan of the fixtures. Depending on how the system was installed and maintained, many problems can be prevented. That is why you must prioritize maintenance for your residential plumbing system. To do this, you need to hire a professional residential plumber who is always up to date with maintenance trends and can deliver effective plumbing services. 

Maintaining A Good Plumbing System in Your Home

These days, the residential plumbing system is usually hidden beneath the floors or inside the walls. The fact they’re hidden doesn’t mean that they don’t require maintenance. You have the responsibility to maintain the pipes in your house to prolong their lifespan, prevent leaks and avoid unnecessary repairs. 

How To Maintain Your Residential Plumbing System?

One thing that’s peculiar to both residential and commercial plumbing when there’s a lack of maintenance is clogging. In residential plumbing, clogging can be caused by food particles in the kitchen, grease, hair strands, etc. The accumulation of these materials in pipes can lead to blockages and restrict the flow of water to the appropriate places. When there’s a clog in any of the pipes, it may disrupt the function of the entire system. 

To prevent this, ensure you monitor whatever goes into your fixtures. Ensure all unwanted materials or potential materials that could cause clogging are not allowed into the sink to the toilets. 

Also, too much pressure weakens the pipe. High water pressure can cause the pipes, faucets, and valves to work beyond their capacity. Consequently, the integrity of the pipes and fixtures will degrade which may lead to another plumbing issue. 

What Is Residential Plumbing 2

The best way to avoid these problems is to carry out regular maintenance and plumbing inspections. A professional plumber will inspect by checking out the sinks, faucets, toilets, drains, and other fixtures.


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