If you’ve ever experienced a clogged toilet, you’ll not wish to experience it ever again. The worst thing that could happen to your toilet is that you flush it and instead of the water going through the pipe, it comes back up. 

There are different reasons why your toilet clogs, it could be:

  • Using too much toilet paper
  • Flushing non-flushable toiletries
  • Dropping toys or other small items in the drain

In this article, you’ll learn a few ways to unclog your toilet if you’re facing clogging problems:

3 Ways To Unclog Your Toilet
  • Plunger

Whenever there’s a clog in your toilet, you’ll probably grab your plunger fast and try to resolve the issue, right? But what kind of plunger do you plan on using? If you’re thinking the plunger with a red rubber cup and a long wooden handle can do the job, you’ll be putting yourself through stress. To successfully remove clogs from your toilet without stress you need to use a flange plunger. 

These plungers are designed with an extra rubber ridge that goes deep into the toilet bowl which allows for a better seal and more suction. The Flange plunger works better when there’s sufficient water. How to use the flanger:

  • Put the plunger inside the toilet drain and push the cup into the drain to form a seal
  • Forcefully push the plunger towards the drain without breaking the seal towards the drain, then pull it up again
  • Do this repeatedly at least five times before reading the cup’s suction on the last pull. 
  • Do this until the toilet bowl begins to drain.
  • Toilet Snake or Closet Auger

You can get a small hand-powered drain snake from a local hardware store near you. The function of the toilet snake is to break up the clog into smaller bits so that it can flow through the drain easily. A toilet snake is easy to use; simply insert the cooked end into the drain and keep inserting it until the snake touches the clog. Twist the snake until it breaks the clog into tiny bits. You may need to turn the snake in a different direction then push forward and begin pushing again to break the clog into complete pieces. 

  • Dish Soap and Hot Water

When you mix dish soap and hot water, it can help break down clogs caused by the use of too much toilet paper. You can resort to this method if you do not have any toilet-unclogging tools at your disposal. 

To use this method, measure one-half cup of liquid dish soap and pour it into the toilet bowl. Allow the soap to sink into the bowl and rest for 20-30 minutes. They fill a gallon-sized container with boy water. Pour the hot water carefully into the toilet bowl so that it doesn’t flow back up. If successful, you should be able to flush your toilet again.

3 Ways To Unclog Your Toilet 2

Toilet Tips

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners as these solutions are harmful to your septic systems. Also, monitor the water level so you can quickly notice when you have a clogged toilet. 

If you’re finding it difficult to unclog your toilet, you can hire a professional who specializes in clogged toilet repair. At Rite Plumbing, we have experts who specialize in helping our clients unclog their toilets. 

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