Every plumber or plumbing company wants to portray itself as reliable, honest, and affordable. And while some of them may be telling the truth about themselves, others just say it so they can attract lots of potential customers. 

Now, there are some things that plumbers don’t mean what they say would do that good plumbers don’t do. These things are what differentiates a good and professional plumber from a bad plumber.

Things A Good Plumber Will Avoid

What A Good Plumber Won’t Do

  • A Good Plumber Will Not Work Without A License 

No qualified plumber will work without having a license and insurance. This should be the first thing you confirm about your plumber before you hire them. Many unlicensed plumbers have access to the customer’s market, and customers should beware of them. Some of them may try to entice you with a lower price of their services, in return for you to overlook their lack of license. Now, an unlicensed plumber could be good at their job but when something goes wrong, who do you report them to? They’re not registered under any organized body or agency, so it’s risky to hire an unlicensed plumber. 

So if you encounter any plumber, always ensure to confirm that they have a license and insurance. 

  • A Good Plumber Will Always Issue A Receipt After Payment 

Some plumbers, especially the ones without license and insurance preferred to be paid in cash rather than a check. They may even offer to give you a good discount if you pay in cash. Collecting money in cash is so that they can avoid issuing a receipt and planning to report the income on his taxes. 

As a customer, you should be careful of plumbers who promise to give you a huge discount if you pay with cash; they are mostly plumbers who don’t have a license and are avoiding paying their taxes on their income.

  • A Good Plumber Will Not Estimate A Their Fee Without Seeing The Job First

A good plumber will always check out a job before they give you a fee. This is so that they can give the correct estimate for the materials needed and their services. They could charge you according to their hourly rate or give you an overall estimate depending on the kind of plumbing problem you have. However, to give an accurate estimate, they need to visit your house and check out the job first. 

Also, a good plumber will not give you an estimate for the sake of securing the job. They will include the estimate for labor, time, and materials. This is why it’s best to compare prices between three different plumbing agencies to get the best estimate for the job.

What A Good Plumber Won’t Do
  • A Good Plumber Will Complete The Job Before Asking For Full Payment 

A good plumber will strive to complete their job first before asking for full payment for their services. Although they may ask for a down payment before they begin, especially if it’s a large and complicated job, they’ll only ask for their balance when the job is complete.

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