Oftentimes, you find people making mistakes when they try to fix plumbing issues by themselves. Some of them have prior experience and the right tools, and some go online to search for how to fix a problem then they make do with any tool they find. Although, these DIY problems can be avoided if you hire a clogged toilet plumber. Then you won’t have to worry about escalating plumbing problems.

In this article, we’ll consider some of the plumbing mistakes DIYers make so you can learn from them and try to avoid them when trying to fix your plumbing problems yourself.

Plumbing Mistakes DIY-ers Make

Top Mistakes DIY-ers make

Below are some of the common mistakes that DIY-ers make when attempting to fix a plumbing problem.

  • Not documenting how things go back together

This is one of the common mistakes homeowners make. Sometimes, they successfully dismantle plumbing materials but they forget how it goes back together. When they face this problem, they have no choice but to call a professional plumber to fix the mess they made. To avoid this situation, always keep an installation manual by your side and take pictures of the process so you won’t forget how to fix it back.

  • Not leaving enough space

This may seem very obvious but most homeowners are guilty of it. They buy too much stuff like new tubs and other fixtures for their bathrooms without considering the space. There have been occasions where closet doors in the bathroom cannot open properly due to lack of space. Everything in the bathroom becomes so cramped that you may not be able to sit comfortably on the toilet seat or use the bathtub well. Planning and measuring helps you avoid such situations, better still, hire a professional to help with the arrangement.

  • Overtightening connections. 

Homeowners tend to make this mistake often due to their lack of experience. They overtighten supply tubes, pipes, and fittings. Overtightening connections can lead to cracks, breaks, and leaks. To avoid this, follow instructions and be conscious of how you tighten connections.

  • Using too much liquid drain cleaner. 

When experiencing a clogged drain, most homeowners do not hesitate to use these corrosive chemicals for clogged toilet repair. And when they use it, they do so without following instructions. Over time, these chemicals could affect the pipes and plumbing fixtures because the chemicals are not used in the right proportions. To avoid this, try using natural methods for a clogged toilet or call a professional, depending on how worse it is.

  • Not allowing enough time to complete the project. 

Some homeowners try to carry out a plumbing project under a tight deadline. A home remodel takes a lot of time, so attempting to fix a plumbing problem such as remodeling a bathroom shortly before a deadline is like setting yourself up for failure. When you rush a job like this, you tend to spend more on repairs or hiring a professional to fix your mistakes.

Plumbing Mistakes DIY-ers Make 2


Attempting a DIY is a smart choice only if you have prior experience or you’re confident in your ability to fix plumbing problems. Otherwise, you’re bound to make costly mistakes in the long run. 

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