The NYC Master Plumbers Council, a non-profit organization established in the late 1800s, provides licensed master plumbers in NYC with a valuable association to help shape and lead the plumbing industry. Members benefit from the council’s proud heritage, which offers guidance on regulations and other important matters, as well as networking opportunities and a platform to share advice.

NYC Master Plumbers Council And The Community

The NYC MPC is committed to ensuring the highest quality of plumbing services in the city by advocating for the hiring of licensed and insured companies. By joining forces with different city agencies, the council fosters collaboration and open dialogue on plumbing work, leading to positive outcomes for all involved. Monthly meetings provide members with the chance to ask questions and review practices in alignment with applicable laws and regulations.

The NYC MPC Reaches A Milestone

Recently celebrating their 300th member, the NYC Master Plumbers Council has a longstanding history of excellence in the plumbing profession. As a member, Rite Plumbing and Heating Inc upholds all codes set forth in New York City and provides reliable services to residents, property managers, and business owners. By joining forces with the council, customers can have the assurance that workmanship is completed to the highest standards possible within industry regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch service!